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Leete's Island Books
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Leete's Island Books (Apr 2016)
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the true story of the vendetta of

the 47 ronin from AKō

by Thomas Harper

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This is the story of a few men who valued justice more than life. They were members of the large Corps of Samurai in the feudal domain of Akō in western Japan. But when their lord committed the crime of drawing his sword within the castle of the Shogun, the law decreed that he should be sentenced to death, that his heir would not inherit the domain, and all of his vassals would become ronin, dismissed from employment, evicted from their homes, and deprived of their income. All 308 samurai in Akō knew the law and accepted it. And if their lord had succeeded in killing the man he attacked in the castle that would have been the tragic end of this episode. But their lord was subdued and failed to kill his enemy; which meant that yet another law came into play: the Principle of Equal Punishment. 47: The True Story of the Vendetta of the 47 Ronin from Akō tells the harrowing tale of how all this was argued, what was decided, what the results were, and what ultimately became of those 47 men who remained.



Form and dichroic light

scott hall at carnegie mellon university

by michelle lafoe & isaac campbell

With a foreword by Cesar Pelli, FAIA
And an introduction by Michael J Crosbie, FAIA


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With their groundbreaking building design for Scott Hall--a recently completed Nano-Bio-Energy Technologies Building at Carnegie Mellon University--architects Michelle LaFoe and Isaac Campbell show how their OFFICE 52 Architecture studio's outside-the-box thinking and imaginative problem solving yielding an innovative design vision for this prestigious project. By weaving together architecture, contemporary fabrication technology, and an ingenious campus planning approach, they reveal how they won an invited national design competition with a design reverent to its designated place. With numerous illustrated examples, the authors share their studio's creative process and demonstrate how they re-imagined the prescribed planning strategy for Scott Hall to produce a unique, energy efficient design for the building, its complex site, and its demanding research program.



Scott Hall’s ephemeral light dichroic glass curtain wall design was selected from over 300 submissions - from designers and manufacturers located in the Pacific Northwest - as an award finalist in the wild card open category. The panel of judges were looking for creative, ingenious and sustainable design solutions. Project Link.

One of only three awards given in the Education Category with entries from across North America – including Canada and Mexico – considered by the judges for innovation, creative use of technology, sustainability and good design. Learn more.

The Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall at Carnegie Mellon University was among the 106 buildings chosen nationwide to receive the prestigious 2019 American Architecture Awards for best new architecture designed by American architects and by international architects with offices in the United States. OFFICE 52 Architecture was the Design Architect for Scott Hall.


Soul of the sea in the age of the algorithm

how tech startups can heal

the oceans

by Gregory Stone &

Nishan Degnarain

With a foreword by Ambassador Peter Thompson, President of the UN General Assembly


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Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm is at once a manifesto for a healthier ocean, a road map to a more prosperous co-existence with our planet, and a call for a new generation of systems leaders. The lessons here are not just for our oceans but guidance for how we can govern all our Global Commons for the benefit of the entire planet, both current and future generations. For the first time, the authors lay out clearly and succinctly what actions business, government, and individuals can take to overcome these planetary challenges, thereby restoring the soul of the sea, and redeeming our own.



the once and future ocean

notes toward a new hydraulic


by Peter neill

With a foreword by Dr. Paul Mayewski, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

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THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN offers a bold vision for a practical and possible future, based on a revolutionary paradigm shift that can be implemented through the political will of individuals who understand the necessity for change, the logic of a new moral alternative, and the reality of the consequences if we fail to act in time. It argues for invention and new solutions, for new answers to fundamental questions, and for a new relationship built around the ocean as a source for new modes of living that are within our grasp if only we have the courage to take hold.




by Peter Neill


three speculative novels that

stretch the boundaries of fiction.

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With three novels by Peter Neill in one binding, this new omnibus edition provides literary experimentation, creative narrative, and imaginative prose from the second half of the 20th century.


310 Pages

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Publication Date: October 2013

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Leete's Island Books (Oct 2013)

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